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Business Moving Tip: Preparing Electronics For A Move

No matter what kind of business you operate, there are electronic items and equipment that come into play. Your company may make widgets using machinery and heavy equipment, but the records, the financials, the presentations, and the data that makes up the lifeblood of your company exists on hard drives and other electronics that need special care when moving.

Before You Start!
Back Up – Do we have to say this? No matter how careful you are, Murphy’s Law is out there waiting to trip you up somewhere down the line. Back up your vital business data on a cloud or external drive.
Where Does It Go? - Take a picture of the back of any desktop computers, modems, and other items so you can easily plug everything back in where it needs to go once you get to your new location.

    • Use plastic zip locked bags to keep track of cables. 
    • As you detach each cable from a piece of electronics, wrap it around carefully, secure it with a twist tie, and then store it in a bag. 
    • Once you are done each piece of electronics, seal the bag, label it, and when the main piece is ready, tape the bag to it for easy retrieval.

Desktops & Laptops, Monitors
    • Check to make sure any CDs, DVDs, USB or flash drives have been removed from laptops and desktop computers.
    • Use the original packaging if you have it.
    • When you don’t, a plastic moving box, with its generous size and rigid walls, is a good option.
    • Wrap the piece of equipment in bubble wrap or blankets, and then cover with a layer of plastic wrap to hold it in. Tape securely in place.
    • Fill up empty space in the box with crumpled, balled-up newspaper or magazines, or even old cloths.

    • Remove the ink cartridges from any printers or scanners before moving, and pack them separately in a plastic zip lock bag. Cushion the bag inside a nest of newspaper or magazine paper before you pack it in the box.
    • As with other equipment, the original packaging is the best. However, a layer of soft material to cushion, followed by plastic wrap to keep it in place, and a rigid reusable plastic moving box, is a good alternative.

Now, you’re ready to move!

We Make It Easy
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