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Avoid Moving Scams with DIY

These days, most of us are looking to save money wherever and whenever we can. On the flip side of the coin, more and more people are making money by advertising their wares directly on the web, often at prices lower than comparable corporate services and goods. Sometimes, it's a match made in heaven, and you find a genuine bargain.

More and more though, when it comes to moving companies, the results can be mixed at best. There are plenty of horror stories to be had – deposits paid for moving services that never happened, furniture and belongings lost, damaged or abandoned on the front lawn when the "movers" didn't want to take anything up the stairs, or movers who show up demanding much more money than was quoted over the phone. In a recent Toronto area case, a woman was nearly scammed by a so-called moving company who said they would hire her to clean out a residence.

The scammers get more inventive all the time.

The Scary Truth
The truth is that, other than the general laws that apply to any business and a list of guidelines that was compiled by the federal government and industry stakeholders, there are no specific laws or regulations regarding moving companies. That means that virtually anybody can put up a shingle – or nowadays, an ad on sites like Kijiji and craigslist – to advertise themselves as movers. 

The DIY Advantage with Mover's Choice
Moving yourself avoids both the hassles and the costs of hiring movers. You and your trusted friends will handle everything with the care that is needed and you can plan everything down to the last detail from packing to settling in to your new place.

You can make it a professional quality move with professional quality supplies from Mover's Choice. We offer plastic moving box rentals so you can avoid the hassle of finding and then disposing of multiple cardboard boxes. They're eco-friendly and easy to use. We also carry a full range of moving supplies from bubble wrap and tape to dollies and other gear.

You pick up. You move. It’s that simple. The Movers Choice makes moving easy whether you’re moving across the hall or across town. We offer a range of moving supplies and services for both business and residential customers.

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