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Business Moving Tip: Preparing Furniture for the Move

No matter what type of business you have, it will involve furniture of some kind. That may include office furniture like desks and chairs, reception area sofas, and lunch room tables and chairs at the very least. You can certainly try and simply pile it all up, intact, into your moving truck. Good luck! You’ll likely have to make many trips, as it’s a pretty inefficient way to pack a truck.

Here are some tips on how to prepare furniture to make it easier to move and pack along with all the other important components of your business. Proper preparation means protecting your valuable furniture assets from damage during the move and accomplishing your move as efficiently as possible.

1. Label – It may sound obvious, but label each piece of furniture and what area it will go to. Make an inventory of all the furniture and groupings, and a system of notation that will make sense to you later on when you have to reassemble the various departments or operations of your business.

2. Prepare – You’ll want to assemble the right supplies for the job. What you’ll need:

  • Screwdrivers, Allen keys, or whatever tools you will need to remove the legs of tables and chairs, or other furniture components as needed.

  • Mover’s plastic wrap;

  • Plastic moving boxes;

  • Moving paper or sheets of plain newsprint (not a printed newspaper);

  • Ziplock plastic bags (to organize the screws);

  • Masking tape;

  • Furniture pads;

3. Take apart table and chair legs, and other components as may be applicable. The smaller the pieces, the easier to protect and move safely.

4. Keep the screws, antique knobs from your oak desk, clamps, and any other small items in the ziplock bags. Then, you can tape the bags to one or more of the legs so that they all end up at the same place.

5. Remove any drawers from desks and tables. This is something that is often forgotten, but also often results in damage to the drawer and table itself. If you want to keep the drawer’s contents intact, you can simply slip them into a large plastic bag – and don’t forget to label it.

6. Wrap any furniture legs you remove in the moving paper or newsprint, using at least two layers. Place all the legs, plastic bags of screws, and other furniture components in properly labelled plastic moving boxes for the truck.

7. Use bubble wrap to protect table tops and other large pieces with corners.

8. Wrap any upholstered furniture with the plastic moving wrap, over the bubble wrapped corners.

9. As a final layer, use furniture pads to cushion furniture pieces and keep them from jostling against each other in the truck in transit.

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