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DIY Moving Transportation

DIY moving does save you money and in some cases hassles too, but it does require a certain amount of planning and forethought to iron out the potential wrinkles. There are many areas to tackle and a very long list of things to think about, but don’t forget the first and perhaps the most important: the mode of transportation.

Picking the Right Ride
It may seem like the last thing on your list – or maybe the most obvious if you own a car or van, but consider the options and the variables. How far are you moving? If it's only across town, it may be feasible to do two or more trips. If it's a longer or more complicated move, then you probably want to aim for only one – and that means making sure you've got a vehicle large enough for everything.  Here are some guidelines:

A bachelor or one-bedroom apartment that is sparsely to moderately furnished – a 16-foot cube truck will likely do the trick.
A home with two or three bedrooms, fully furnished – typically requires at least a 24-foot to 26-foot truck.
A small to moderately sized house can typically be moved in a 24-foot truck in one or two trips.
Save space in the truck and keep smaller items safe by transporting them separately in a car.

Loading Up
Now you've got the vehicle sorted out, here are some tips that should help you navigate your way on moving day itself. Professional movers know the tricks from experience; you can use the same procedures that help make their lives a little easier and more efficient.

Remember: loose clothing and work or gardening gloves are recommended for your DIY movers.
Two is better than one: when in doubt, use two people to move a heavy box rather than one.
Park as close as you can to the door. If there is a loading ramp, pull it out and place it on the highest area (step or other) that is made of concrete or other firm base.
Keep the boxes organized as you pack them in the truck according to how you've labelled them – i.e. all the kitchen items together and so on.
Load in the corners of the truck first with the heaviest items of furniture or appliances.
Keep the heaviest items on the floor, including boxes.
Bulky furniture and appliances are best packed first, right up against the end of the truck or container.
Pack tightly from floor to ceiling and fill empty spaces with boxes.
Use movers' or old blankets as padding between items and especially to cushion furniture.
Tie off the corners with rope.
Try to arrange the load so that you can walk in between items as you are unloading.

The Movers Choice
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