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Five Hot Moving Tips

Everyone can name the usual tips for moving – plan ahead, make lists, be sure to notify utilities for cut offs and hook ups and all that. Still, many of us move as seldom as we can get away with so there's no opportunity to develop any real expertise. We pack as best we can and lug things as best we can into the new place and then collapse with relief when it's done.

So for all the non-experts out there, here are a few fab insider tips that will make that big job just a little bit easier.

Plates for Plates
Plates are among the kinds of items sure to bring you headaches – they're breakable and somewhat awkwardly shaped. They are heavy when stacked and when boxes are jarred, they can be damaged just by clinking up against each other. You can cushion them with paper or even towels or clothes but those materials can also slip and slide away during the move. 

Here's the secret: Styrofoam plates.

Use a Styrofoam plate between each china dish to cushion them perfectly without the same kind of slippage;
Stack them vertically rather than horizontally as any jostling is less likely to result in damage because of the way the weight is distributed;
Use sturdy reusable plastic boxes and you won't have to worry about boxes warping or breaking under the weight.

Wheel Those Books
If you have any luggage with easy moving wheels, this is a good way to put them to use. Books and other relatively heavy items are a great choice for suitcases or duffel bags you can wheel around – especially ideal if you have no stairs in your move. Even so, it gives you a convenient way of carrying those items.

A Picture's Worth...
Wherever you have items or systems you have to reassemble, use your mobile phone camera to take pictures and record what you will need to recreate. That can include:

Small items n shelves;
Collectible displays;
Wiring for a home theatre or stereo system;
Computer hook ups.

Paper Rolls to Organize
Save up the cardboard rolls from bathroom tissue or paper towels and use them to organize cords for TV, audio, computer and home theatre systems.  Wind the cord loosely around your hand and then stuff it inside the roll – which then gives you a handy surface for labeling.

Plastic Wrap Saves Time
Instead of painstakingly trying to empty your dresser drawers, pack the items only to put them back in the drawers once you get to your new digs, keep everything inside. You can use sticky plastic wrap to seal your clothes and other items in the drawers and then move them as is. Be sure to tape the drawers from the outside and you'll have a painless move into your new place.

The Movers Choice
You pick up. You move. It’s that simple. The Movers Choice makes moving easy. Whether you’re moving across the hall or across town – our plastic moving box rentals are reliable and eco-friendly and help you get the job done with ease. We also offer a range of moving supplies and services for both business and residential customers.

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