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How to Use A Flat Dolly

The dolly – the plain, flat, wooden staple of the moving world – can give you a serious leg up on your move. Even if you've never used one before, the principles are simple and certainly, you could hardly find a simpler piece of equipment than a flatbed on wheels.

A dolly can help you move large, unwieldy items across a smooth surface. That's key. It won't help much if you're going up flights of stairs – but it will work in an elevator in a pinch. That's what makes it ideal for many apartment moves, or even situations where you're moving heavy furniture or other items around the house on the same floor.

Here's what you need to know about dollies:

First – and very important! – be sure you have enough manpower to lift the item onto the dolly in the first place. No one should try to move more than 50 lbs on their own. A heavy piano, for example, may take six or eight people to lift. 

Once it is on the dolly, at least two people should move it from point A to point B to make sure it stays steady along the way.

A traditional hardwood flatbed dolly can typically hold between 800 lb and 1,000 lb. 
Many have a carpeted surface to protect furniture.
You can use a walking ramp to get the dolly in and out of a moving truck and/or up into the house.
Look for wheels that have a soft tread to avoid leaving marks on the floor.
In addition to single, heavy items, you can use a dolly for a small stack of heavy boxes or bins or line up multiple dollies and use them together to move longer items.

The panel or screen dolly (cart)
This item takes the basic idea and turns it into a narrow dolly with panels or upright bars along either side. They are usually designed for very heavy loads of 1,000 lbs or more and because of the shape, it's ideal for moving awkward, tall items such as,

Building materials;
Screens, panels and room partitions;
Large flat screen TVs;
Large pieces of luggage (that's what they use in expensive hotels!)
Multiple cartons;
And more.

In addition to hotels, they are often used in industrial settings but may serve your purposes at times too.

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