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Jewelry Moving Hacks

Jewelry presents a genuine problem when you're planning a move. There are multiple small, delicate pieces and many have the potential for tangling or other damage in transit.

If you keep your jewelry in a box with storage features like a ring rack or necklace hooks, you may be tempted to simply leave it inside, hoping that if you secure the box itself, you'll open it to find your things at least intact. But, how tangled will your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings be? And what about more fragile gemstones and items like higher karat gold pieces, emeralds, opals, or pearls?

Here are some great idea that will help make sure your valued jewelry pieces arrive at your new digs in good condition.

  • Drinking straws - use straws to keep necklaces and bracelets untangled and protected in transit. Just thread the chain through a straw and fasten it to hold in place (you may have to cut the straw or double up depending on how long the chain it).

  • Toilet paper & paper towel rolls - use these for chunky necklaces and longer pieces.

  • Saran (plastic) wrap - this has multiple uses. When using straws or paper rolls, you can wrap them up to secure them in place. For smaller items like rings, saran wrap lets you wrap them individually, then together in groups to create a package that you can place in a box.

  • Ziplock (sealable) bags - use these for small earrings, includiing studs.

  • Cards - use cardboard cards (such as business cards you no longer need) and poke two pinholes in each. Now you can use them to keep pairs of earrings together.

  • Egg carton - this is the ideal way to transport rings, using scrunched plastic wrap or paper to cushion each section.    

Once you've got individual pieces wrapped, then grouped into packages, you can put them into smaller boxes - your jewelry boxes if you have them, or a shoebox will work - seal up those boxes, and then place them in your larger plastic moving boxes.

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