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Lessen Stress – Scheduling Your Move

Moving is a complicated process, one that most of us would probably rather avoid thinking about. That can run into problems. If you leave all those inconvenient details until the very last minute, you can run into a lot of unexpected issues – and it can cost you a lot of money.

The thing is, your brain is just trying to avoid the stress we associate with moving and all it entails. Yet, by shoving it aside until too late, we're actually adding to the levels of stress involved.

Scheduling Tips

Here are some ideas on how to schedule your move effectively. Nothing has to be hard and fast when it comes to guidelines, but by spreading the little tasks over several weeks, you're turning a huge headache into just a little extra work. Moving day that's another story. But, at least you can make the day and the time leading up to it as painless as possible.

If your move involves selling property, then you'll want to get started just as soon as you can once the closing date. The best options involve giving yourself at least sixty days.

Two Months Out

It may seem very early, but there's a lot you can do already.

  • Rummage through closets, basements, garages, and any other storage space full of items that you obviously don't use every day.

  • Whatever hasn't been used in two years or more is a good candidate for the local Sally Ann or Goodwill store.

  • If you have young children, this is a good time to weed through clothes and toys they've outgrown.

  • Seasonal and holiday themed items, formal dinnerware and other items you won't be using over the next two months can be cleaned up, organized, and prepared for packing.



Take a rough inventory of your possessions and figure out what moving supplies you will need for packing and transporting.

  • Will you need specialized equipment like stairclimbers or appliance trucks?

  • How much heavy furniture do you have, and what are the dimensions? Dollies, stairclimbers and other equipment can make your move much easier, even if you have stairs to negotiate.

Book any equipment rentals that you'll need as soon as you can, including plastic moving boxes.

One Month Out

This is when you want to notify all your utility providers of the move and schedule any service connection appointments that need to be made. This should include formally changing your address with the Post Office. Don't forget the bank and any company you pay via automatic withdrawal.

If you keep up a steady trickle of tasks in the weeks leading up to your move, it will add up to so much less chaos on moving day.

  • Two to Three Weeks: Pack non-essential items, such as specialized kitchen utensils, books and other items on shelves like decorations, paintings and other art pieces.

  • One Week:

  • Begin packing essentials by determining what you will absolutely need up until the last day.

  • Buy plastic plates and cutlery so you can pack your dishes and kitchenware days ahead of the move.

  • Defrost your freezer if necessary, and disconnect other appliances such as the washer and dryer.

That's a rough guide of course. How much time your move will take both to plan and actually occur depends on how many items you have, the layout of your new and old homes, and more.

We Make It Easy

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