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Move Your House And Garden Plants Like An Expert

For many of us, plants are one of the special elements that turn a house into a home. When it comes to your garden, you’ve likely invested a great deal of time and money into your plantings. Does that mean it all has to be gifted to the new resident when you move? Not if you plan it out carefully.

Whether your plants are indoors or outdoors, we’ve got some great tips on how to make the move with them safely to your new digs.

  • Pack your plants last – if you pack them last, they should also be first off the truck or out of the car. That will help to minimize the stress on your favourite greenery and flowers.

  • Water your plants the day before the move, rather than the day of.

  • During the winter and cooler weather, wrap your plants in layers of newspaper as a last step to shield them from the weather.

  • Despite the weather, it’s actually a better idea to transport your plants during the fall or winter when plants are dormant.

Indoor Plants

  • Take small plants out of their pots, wrapping the roots in a wad of damp newspaper or newsprint.

  • Place them in a plastic food storage bag and wrap a rubber band around the stems, just below where the foliage begins to grow.

  • Prune large plants.

  • Pack sphagnum moss on top of the soil in the pot.

  • Wrap the pot with plastic and tie it up with tape around the plant’s stalk so that it won’t spill out if it tips in transit.

  • Pack in a moving box and fill the space around the pot with scrunched up newspaper.

  • If a plant is too large to move safely, take a cutting.

  • Cut at a 45-degree angle. Take a piece of floral foam and put it in a container such as an empty yogurt carton. Soak it with water and stick the cutting into the foam. You can use the same piece of foam and container for a number of cuttings. If you don’t have time to get floral foam, a potato can work in a pinch.

Outdoor Plants

  • Dig up your bulbs from the soil and store them in paper bags.

  • You can plant them at the appropriate time in your new location. The bulbs can be stored for a long time in the bag in a cool place.

  • Small plants can be dug up and transported with damp newspaper around the roots, just as you would smaller indoor plants.

  • Succulents (such as cacti or aloe) - the ends can be snapped off and stored in a cardboard box or paper bag.

  • You can replant them once you are in your new location; they will keep up to six months stored in paper.

During travel:

  • Keep plants out of direct sunlight.

  • Don’t let them sit in the car, truck, or trunk for too long – definitely not overnight.

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