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Moving An Artist's Studio

Moving an artist's studio brings up a singularly challenging set of circumstances. It's not often you have objects in such a wide variety of sizes and shapes, some of them pretty fragile, while others are toxic, and still others are very heat sensitive. Some objects may be all of these at once. Whether or not you are an artist per se, you'll want to read on for some tips on how to handle these issues.


  • Stretch plastic wrap is your friend, as you'll see in more detail below;

  • Plastic moving boxes - sturdy to protect fragile items;

  • Bubble wrap;

  • Filling material for the box - soft substances like crumpled paper, pads or towels, and blankets;

  • Screen dolly or other type of rack or moving aid for large canvasses, sheets of glass, or similarly awkward items.

Paintings & canvases

  • Wrap your pieces first in stretch plastic wrap, doubling it to two layers.

  • Now add a layer of bubble wrap for cushioning action.

  • Add to a box;

  • You can fill the box loosely with other pieces, provided none are too heavy;

  • Fill the between spaces with chosen material;

  • You can toss a blanket over the whole box of items if it can't be sealed, or use towels to cushion corners.

Art Supplies

Here, plastic wrap is your go-to material.

  • Bundle brushes, charcoal, and other items together;

  • Seal jars with plastic and then screw on the top;

  • Use a sheet of plastic wrap to secure boxes of pastels, watercolours, and pencils.

Fill your box with jars and other heavier items on the bottom, then layer packing filler material with smaller items until the moving box is either full, or not too heavy.

Chemical agents

If you practice oil painting or many other disciplines, you may use a variety of chemical products in your work.

  • First - see how much you can get rid of or use up before you move. Simply put, the less you need to move, the better.

  • Seal containers tightly and then wrap them in plastic wrap.

  • Pack the boxes loosely and use plenty of non-flammable filling material such as vermiculite or damp rags.

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