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Moving and the Elderly

Even without doing the research, it's probably safe to say that moving is not on anyone's list of favourite things to do. As you get older, however, the issues can multiply exponentially. Lifestyles change and mobility itself may be a problem. Whether you are an older person yourself or helping an older friend or relative to move, there are several issues you should be taking into account.

Planning Your Move
Planning a move is always important but even more so when medical issues are involved.

Start the process as soon as possible, especially if downsizing will mean having to dispose of a lot of household items.
Check the layout of the new place and make sure that all of it can be navigated easily.
Plan where each item will go and label boxes and furniture carefully.
Check the neighbourhood for the availability and location of important places like the grocery store, pharmacy and others.

Be Prepared
Certain key items should be kept with you during the move and packed in boxes, particularly for longer moves. It's best to pack an overnight bag including,

A change of clothing
Reading material, tablets or other entertainment en route
Everyday toiletries
Medicines – these should always be kept separately, close to you and packaged individually in sealable plastic bags

Why not add a photograph or other keepsake so that they will have something familiar with them as soon as they arrive?

When you are younger, even if the details of a move can be a challenge, moving itself often represents a new chapter in life – a new job, a new relationship, starting school. As you become older and retire from the workforce, moving may represent what is often seen as an unwelcome change in lifestyle. Declining health and/or mobility or the passing of a spouse may be the triggers for a move into smaller and more manageable surroundings. Sensitivity to these issues is important.

Talk – the best way to deal with any emotional issue it to talk about it with someone you trust. Whether you need a shoulder or you are the shoulder, don't hesitate to speak up and ask or offer. Dismantling a household isn't easy for anyone.
Help – professional help is available to sort through the issues. There are many public and private resources available, including professionals who specialize in helping seniors move.

Naturally, you'll want to be sure there is enough help for all the lifting and carrying. Last, be sure to allow plenty of time for the actual move especially when older people have mobility issues. 

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