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Moving Day - Where To Start

Most people, apparently, move about five times in your lifetime and the process is easily one of the most dreaded – yet often beneficial – projects that we face in a typical lifetime. Knowing where to start can help to take away a lot of that anxiety.

Along with the logistics of moving itself come the lists of bills with addresses to change, services to disconnect and reconnect, not to mention the packing... It's not hard to see why many people dislike the whole process. But, having a good plan of how to begin to chip away at what seems like an overwhelming job can give you the confidence you need to get going. Banish chaos with constructive action and a handy check-list.

Bonus: Studies show that, despite the upheaval and potential anxiety, moving actually appears to stimulate your brain cells. You'll remember twice as many of your experiences in your new surroundings as you would otherwise, once you're settled into a place. The results were published in theJournal of Experimental Psychology.

Where to start?


  • Begin the big task of packing all your belongings with the process of taking an inventory of your possessions. Prioritize them and think about what you can do to eliminate clutter – making your overall goal easier to manage.

  • What can you pack first and get out of the way? What will you need right up to the day of your move? Those kinds of questions can help you prioritize and produce a working list of how to proceed.

  • Measure – if you can get into your new place to measure rooms and make sure that all your furnishings will fit inside, including closets and storage space.

  • There are many phone and web apps like AutoDesk HomeStyler that will let you map out where everything will go in your new place.

Get the supplies

  • Calculate how many boxes you'll need. A good rule of thumb for a 1-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and bathroom is about 35 to 40 reusable plastic moving bins.

  • Don't forget the accessories – scissors, newsprint (plain, unprinted,) packing tape and other necessary materials. Remember small, sealable sandwich bags to keep fasteners, nuts and bolts organized in transit.

  • Do yourself a favour and rent a dolly and/or hand truck. The right equipment will let you move stacks of moving boxes, appliances and large or awkward pieces of furniture safely and securely.

The Movers Choice

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