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Moving Day: Don't Sweat the Heavy Stuff

Even if you've been living like a gypsy, you will inevitably accumulate some heavy furniture at some point in your life. When you have a full household with or without kids, you may have a full suite of both bedroom and living room furniture along with appliances to move. The heaviest items can cause a lot of anxiety if you're doing a DIY move but some tips and forethought can go a long way towards making it a safe and efficient move.

#1 Rule: Have enough personnel. The basic guideline is one person should lift no more than 50 pounds.

Lifting rules:

Do not lift items over the level of your head.
Lift tall items low and high – i.e. one person holds the end of a couch low while the other holds it higher at an angle.

Handy tips:

Sometimes every half an inch helps – taking hinges, door knobs and even moldings off temporarily can give you extra room for large, awkward items.
Likewise, removing table, sofa and chair legs or knobs on dressers can also do the trick.
Make ramps with pieces of lumber to move heavy items up or down to different levels.
Along with making sure there are enough people carrying the item, appoint one person to spot your team as they make their way to the eventual resting place.
Use a dolly or hand cart for the biggest items – they are easy to use and will save you a great deal of time and effort. They can turn a multi-person move into a smooth two-person job.
Be sure to wear clothes that are comfortable yet flexible – like athletic gear. Clothing that is too loose can gt caught in tight places while gear that is too tight will get in the way.

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