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Moving Day Essentials

You've prepped and you've packed and now the big day is here – Moving Day. Naturally, despite all the preparations and planning, there are some thing that really can't be done until the very day you go. Here are some handy tips to help you stay calm and cool and keep that move a positive one.

Get enough sleep, but get an early start
This is one time when sleeping in really will cost you in terms of lost time and besides, you really do want to get this over with, don't you?

What you wear
For safety, for comfort and for your own sake, leave fashion trends for tomorrow when you're out celebrating and dress strictly for comfort. Avoid anything flopping or with ends that can catch in nooks and crannies or get caught on anything along the way.

An overnighter
An overnight or similar-sized bag is the ideal way to make sure you have the essentials handy – not lost somewhere in that daunting mountain of moving boxes and bags. This should include:
A change of clothes
Prescription and other medications
Do you need to work the next day? Think about what you'll need.

You can do something similar for other immediate but less personal items, setting them aside in a moving box you've marked as the first to unpack. This can include:
Dishes and cutlery for one day
Cookware pieces for a meal or two
Cell phone and other battery chargers
Toilet paper 
Pet food, dishes and leash or cat box

Charge up
Make sure cells phones, tablets, laptops and any other essential electronics are fully charged before the move.

App it
There are a number of moving apps available for mobile phones that can help you stay organized – and keep your sanity – on moving day. It's worth checking out at least a few.

Organize the troops
Make sure everyone is clear on their job and their area of responsibility. The last thing you need is confusion at the receiving end when people are crossing paths and getting in each other's way – and on each other's nerves.

Food and drink
Make sure you have enough food and drink on hand for all your family and moving helpers or know right where to source them at the new location. It's not just the hassle of locating fast food or the nearest supermarket – you and your moving helpers need nutrition to keep going.  Even if you're having take-out, you'll want coffee in the morning, water on hand, and so forth.

Cleaning supplies
No one wants to think about cleaning right after a tiring move but let's face it, there will be dirt tracked in the home and possibly much more. Not having to search for cleaning items or utensils will help keep the chaos to a minimum.

The Movers Choice
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