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Moving During The Holidays

Whether it's Christmas and New Year's, Family Day, or Canada Day weekend, moving on or around a statutory holiday is nobody's first choice. But, sometimes we have to make do, and holiday time is the only time that works. Here's a look at some of the special issues that can come up.

  • Book your moving truck, plastic moving box rentals, and source any other supplies or equipment you may need, such a a hand truck or dollies, as early as you can. You may have to pick items up earlier than usual, or alter the rental dates according to when rental and moving companies are open.


  • Since packing is going to take up some of the time you'd normally spend on the usual holiday activities, why not make it a festive affair? Invite friends over, or get the family together, and have a holiday packing party. Begin with out of season items and others that you don't use everyday.


  • Take special care with kids, who typically look forward to any holiday with great anticipation. It may be wise to enlist family or friends to give them a day or two of holiday fun away from the move and its stress.


  • Tip: If you're moving around Christmas, the days between Christmas and New Year's may be the best time, when there's a lull in activity and traffic may be less hectic.


  • If you are moving into a condo, you will want to double check their rules and regulations regarding moving days. The specific days you are able to move in or out may be stipulated in your contract, and it's pretty much a given that you will have to book the elevator in advance.

Moving during any holiday period can seem like a bit of a juggling act – trying to get the move sorted out methodically on one hand, while trying to maintain at least some of the spirit of the holidays. The good news is, with planning and a little luck, it can be done.

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