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Moving Electronics In The Winter

With all the things you have to think about when you're moving in the winter in the GTA, your electronics may not seem like a special consideration. But, there are certain special issues that come into play. Here's a look at those issues and how you can deal with them on moving day.

It's The Cold And The Humidity

The bad news is, moving in the fall or winter can actually ruin your treasured electronics. It's a given that moisture can ruin electronic circuitry, but did you know that the cold alone can damage them, even without direct exposure? Just packing your electronics in a box with padding won't be enough when the mercury drops below zero Celsius.

  • Did you keep those manufacturer's brochures and booklets? Congratulations! They contain your best advice when it comes to special moving issues. The original packaging would come in handy too.

  • Take the ink and toner cartridges out of printers, scanner, and so on. Store the cartridges in plastic bags, then insulate with towels.

  • Disconnect all cables and wires that you can.

  • Use a box that is at least slightly bigger than the item you're packing, and fill the space with antistatic packaging popcorn.

  • Wrap the box in old blankets to add a layer of insulation against the temperature.

Cold Can Kill Those Electronics

Protect the box from extreme temperatures.

  • Keep it inside the car with you, rather than in the trunk.
  • Turn the heat on in your new place immediately, and avoid placing boxes of electronics directly on a cold floor or against a cold wall.

  • Avoid using space heaters, or at least, placing any electronics within two metres of one. The hot, dry blast of air can be equally damaging.

The bottom line is, you want to keep electronics in a steady temperature well above freezing, and out of any direct exposure to moisture.

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