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Moving in with a Roommate

Moving is enough stress all by itself. Moving into shared accommodations – whether you are a student in a dorm or just an urban professional type trying to split the skyrocketing costs of downtown rent – moving in with roommates is a situation more and more of us will have to face. Along with the usual dos and don'ts about packing and such, there are some special considerations that can come up.

If you're moving from another situation into a shared apartment or dwelling, there is probably a lot of stuff that you won't need or use. Duplicate kitchenware and other items can take up space and let's face it, most of us could use a good purge of material items we no longer use every once in a while. Naturally, this is a crucial step when you're moving into less spacious quarters no matter what the circumstances. Some ideas on how to get started divesting yourself of unnecessary items:

Purely decorative items – yes, the photographs of friends and family are important to you, but probably much less so the Chia pet you got for the holidays last year.
Articles of clothing you haven't worn in two years or more. If your closet is out of control, then make the cut-off one year.
Very valuable or collectible items are probably best kept in a secure storage area or deposit box.
Weed your book and DVD/CD collection of any items you'll never read, listen to or watch again. Give them to a second-hand shop or the Sally Ann – or sell them yourself online.

Making a Smooth Move
Be proactive to head off trouble. Even if you already know your new roommate – and probably especially, the closer you are already – it's essential to have a basic plan for moving day hammered out with your roomie.  You'll want the answers to these questions:

Will your roomie be there during the move? The best answer, of course, is no, which avoids all potential conflict. Consider their time schedule and yours to see how you can come up with the best solution.
What is the floor plan – and what is the easiest route to your room?
What space are you allotted in the kitchen, bathroom and any other common rooms?
Where is the garbage and how will you dispose of any packing materials once you are done?
How are the cable and/or other telecommunications hook-ups going to be handled?

You'll have to manage any wild card issues which may come up, including:

Pets – yours, theirs and/or both;
Duplicate items such as kitchenware or other items that may take up more than your allotted space;
Bad weather – make sure you can clean up the mess you may make moving in.

The Movers Choice
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