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Moving In/Out Hacks

If you're moving out of an apartment, it's true that some people – present company excluded, we're sure – only worry about their own place and the new place, and leave the mess and all those little details for the new residents to worry about. Similarly, when you move into a new place, the last thing you want to have to worry about are details like nail holes in the walls and dents in the rug.

But let's face it – those nail holes and carpet dents won't go away on their own. Whether you're moving out or moving in, here are some quick hacks to help you with those annoying minor issues.

Carpet Dent Fix

Does the carpet bear the marks of chesterfields past? Those telltale furniture dents in the rug are an easy fix.

  • Put an ice cube in the middle of the dent.

  • Let it melt.

  • As it melts, use a spoon or rake the rug gently with a fork over the spot to lift up the fibres.


Quick Nail Hole Fix

Nail holes in the wall can be unsightly. Rather than just rearrange your own pictures to fit the holes, here are some ideas on how to start fresh.

  • When you're removing nails from the wall, wrap a thick rubber band around the hammer to help prevent scuffs.

  • For small holes, use soap or toothpaste.

  • To colour match, you can use coloured pencil crayons, trying to match as closely as you can.

  • For more noticeable holes, fill the hole with a little spackling paste, using a putty knife to make it flush to the wall. Once it's dry, sandpaper the area lightly.

Carpet Stains

Whether there are kids involved or it's adults and red wine, stains are bound to happen.

  • Use 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 2 parts water, added to a clean spray bottle. Spray the stain and let it absorb for about a minute. Scrub and the stain should come out.

  • Baking soda, made into a paste with a little water, is another good stain remover. Just apply to the area, let it sit until it's dry, and then vacuum.

Scuff Marks

Scuff marks may already be on the walls, or they may actually be caused by moving. Here's a trick to get them out.

  • Cut a small hole into a tennis ball – big enough for a broom stick.

  • Rub the tennis ball onto the scuff mark till it disappears, using the broom stick to reach all areas of the wall and apply even pressure.


Scratches on Hardwood

Hardwood floors are a treasure, and they're relatively easy to clean. Scratches are little harder to deal with, but they can still be managed.

  • The walnut method involves simply rubbing a raw walnut along a shallow scratch until the colour blends into the rest of the floor.

  • For slightly deeper scratches, try to match the colour with a pencil crayon and colour over the scratch until it blends in.

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