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Moving Into a Condo? Special Considerations

Moving into a condo? Congratulations! It's a great way to combine the best of city living with home ownership. You'll be joining thousands and thousands of people in the GTA in a modern mode of living.

But – if you're coming from a rental or home of your own, you may be in for a surprise on moving day if you don't do your homework first. The concept of a condo is individual ownership of living space and joint ownership through a corporation of the property it occupies. That's a very simplified version of the idea. What it means is that everyone has a say in what happens in shared spaces both indoors and outdoors.

In practical terms, it means you can't show up unannounced, whenever you like, and commandeer an elevator for your moving day. Each condominium corporation will have its own set of bylaws and rules as set out by its board of directors, but there are many provisions which you'll find across the GTA.

  • Day of the week – you may be restricted as to what days of the week you can move in or out. Many condos don't allow any moves on Sundays or legal holidays – no exceptions.

  • Hours of the day – you may also be restricted to certain times of day.

  • Fee – there is often a moving fee in the form of a security deposit that will allow you to use a specific service elevator for a given time period. Fees often range from $100 to $500.

  • Note that there is usually a fee even if you are moving within the same building or set of buildings.

  • Key fee – there may be an additional fee to pick up the keys to the service door and elevator.

  • Along with the keys comes the stipulation that you'll have to use only that back door and elevator for your move. It will be really helpful if you can get in beforehand so you can map out what may be an elongated route from the moving van to your new doorstep.

  • Truck fee – there may be a fee to park your moving van or truck in a specific area for the duration of the move.

Sometimes, you'll be able to make exceptions to certain provisions, such as being able to enter by a side door (never the front door or lobby)... for an additional fee.

Timing is key. If you're moving during the late spring or early summer – the busiest times of the year – you'll want to book your elevator day and times as soon as you can to avoid awkward rescheduling at the last minute. At any time, you'll want to give yourself a lot of leeway so that you can secure a date that really works for you.

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