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Moving Large Mirrors or a Glass Tabletop

Ultra modern, minimalist style is all the rage when it comes to furniture and you may find yourself in possession of an attractive and stylish glass top dining room or even coffee table. Lucky you! It's naturally the centre of attention in your dining room décor – and it's also going to present a challenge when you want to move.

There are a number of issues that arise with a glass table top.

  • It's heavy;

  • It's slippery and often oddly shaped (may also have sharp corners);

  • At the same time, it's delicate;

  • It's fragile.

Some careful precautions, however, will help you minimize the risk of damage in transit. That's important not only to the table, but to protect the people helping you move from the risk of injury from broken glass too. The glass may be tempered or not – if not, broken pieces can be dangerously sharp. It can also be cracked or chipped, ruining the look. Here are some guidelines on how to get it from point A to point B.

Step One - Disassembly:

  • Take the table apart carefully. If necessary, you can place a thick blanket on the ground and then lay the table face down to unscrew the legs.

  • If the legs come off, wrap them securely with blankets to protect them from scratches and gouges.

Step Two- Wrap it Up:

Wrapping the glass table top itself is best done in layers.

  • Carefully wrap the glass table top in packing paper and then tape it tightly – but make sure the sticky part of the tape doesn't touch the glass directly.

  • Wrap the package entirely with bubble wrap. Remember that the larger the bubbles, the better the cushioning effect. Tape the bubble wrap in place.

  • Furniture blankets are a good next layer option – thick and soft. Again, tape them in place.

  • For the final step, you will make it into a secure package with a layer of cardboard. You can cut open cardboard boxes until they are flat and then, along with plenty of tape, use them to completely cover the glass.

  • Label it "Fragile” and "Handle with Care” on both sides.

Step Three – Transporting

  • For larger table tops and mirrors, you can use a screen dolly that will allow you to transport the glass safely on its side with supports.

  • The glass table top or mirror should be placed on its side in the truck as well to minimize the risk of breakage. Do NOT place it face down, or put anything on top of it.

  • Placing it against the wall with a heavy item of furniture in front of it or between two heavy pieces of furniture or mattresses will help to ensure it doesn't move while you're on the road.

  • You can also use rope to tie it to another piece of (very stable) furniture and secure it in place.

The right equipment can help lessen the stress of any move.

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