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Moving On Ice

Winter may not have taken hold of the GTA just yet, but if you’re planning a move in the near future, you certainly can’t count on that good luck to hold. You may just find yourself moving over icy or snowy conditions. Here are some important aspects to consider, but above all – leave yourself extra time to take extra precautions.

Pack an Extra Layer

Remember that many materials are both fragile and temperature sensitive. That means they are in extra danger of breakage from both spills and cracks from the cold. This includes,

  • China pieces – especially antiques;

  • Glassware;

  • Wooden furniture and other wooden pieces;

  • Electronic equipment;

  • Musical instruments.

Once you have the items packed in boxes, if applicable, add double layers of bubble wrap, then thick packing paper, and then finally moving blankets. The extra padding will go a long way towards protecting your valuable items. Remember that our reusable plastic moving box rentals are waterproof and ideal for nasty weather moves.

Clear the Path

This sounds obvious, but there are several aspects to consider.

  • Clear the way indoors, both in your old place and the new one. Think of how you can create a path to the farthest room or area, using blankets from the Sally Ann or other second hand store to keep the floor dry.

  • Stairways – these need to be kept dry. Have a mop on hand, along with a bunch of dry rags to stay on top of the situation.

  • Shovel snow, lay out salt, and whatever else you need to do to get and keep the outdoor pathways clear. If you’re dealing with an active weather system, you should consider having one person on pathway duty for the whole move.

  • This includes the areas where you will be parking your moving vehicle and/or car.

Get Your Vehicle Ready

It’s assumed you will be using your own car for at least part of the hauling. That means you will need to get it ready for the move too.

  • Have it serviced/maintained about a week before the move to ensure optimal performance – and no problems on the road;

  • Pack the car for a winter trip, even if it’s just across town. That includes blankets, water, and a flashlight, along with winter safety items like tire chains, a good snow shovel, windshield washer fluid, ice scrapers, a bag of salt, jumper cables, and other winter items.

Remember to dress warmly, and in layers that let you move easily. Good luck, and stay safe!

We Make It Easy

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