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Moving Tip: Lamps and Lampshades

Lamps and lamp shades don't necessarily make the radar when you first consider the toughest items to pack for moving. Yet, they present challenges in that they are both awkwardly shaped and often delicate to one degree or another. Here are some tips to make moving your lamps easier.

Because of all the small parts involved, it's best to dismantle the lamp and move the pieces separately.
Remove the light bulb.

The Lamp Base

Remove the lamp harp (the piece that bridges the shade and bulb – usually a curved wire shape – hence the name).
Wrap the cord around the lamp base, making sure it doesn't pull at the connection.
Wrap the base, harp and bulb separately in moving paper or use paper pads for extra cushioning.
Place them in a carton or plastic moving bin – standing the base upright – and fill the spaces with crushed paper.
Depending on the size of the carton and the pieces involved, you can pack more than one into a carton, making sure that they aren't too crowded and that any spaces are filled with crushed paper.

Tall floor lamps can be packed in bubble wrap. Just lay a length of bubble wrap on a flat surface and place the lamp in the middle. Roll the bubble wrap around the lamp from both ends and wrap it in tape a few times around to secure. Make sure the entire length of the base is protected, using as much bubble wrap as necessary.

Lamp Shades
Be extra careful with lamp shades as they can often be more fragile than they look. Always handle them with clean hands and don't be tempted to use old newspapers to wrap them as the ink can leave permanent stains.

Use soft materials such as clean cloths (or items like pillow cases and tea towels) or tissue paper and wrap the shade very carefully. Use several layers to cushion.
Place into a carton or bin, allowing for a buffer of about 2-inches between the shade and the side of the bin. Cushion the area around it with crushed paper.
Small shades can be nested inside larger shades.
Be sure to cushion underneath with more crushed paper.
We recommend that you pack lamp shades alone, without any other items in the bin to avoid damage in transit.

Label the cartons and bins as "fragile".

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