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Moving Tip: Packing Your Drapes

Drapes and window coverings make a big difference in a room’s décor. You get so used to them, though, that you may not even think of how to pack them foryour move until the very last minute. Then, more likely than not, you’ll hurriedly cram them into a box or bag and they’ll arrive at your new digs nicely wrinkled and maybe even stained for your trouble.

If you look it up, the majority of moving tips you’ll find when it comes to drapes involves hanging them up on a padded hanger, and pinning them into place to avoid too much movement. But – do you have a bunch of heavy duty, padded hangers on hand? And, do you really want pinholes in your drapes??

We didn’t think so. That’s why we’ve got two alternative ideas.

Method #1 – The Accordion

Drapes are hung with pleats and/or folds. Why not just use that natural movement of the fabric to fold it up for the move? That’s right, slip it off the hooks, and lay it on your couch. Then simply fold back and forth from one end, using the pleats/folds of the drapes as your guide.

  • Don’t fold it too tight – looser is better;

  • Once the panels are folded, loop them around the curtain rod – if you have ties, use them to secure the loop;

  • Wrap the rolled, looped panels loosely in white, acid-free paper;

  • Finally, wrap in plastic, or pop them in a garbage bag if size allows – the same way you can slip clothing on hangers directly into a garbage bag.

Method #2 – Simple Folding

This one is easy, and perhaps best suited for smaller panels that won’t require many folds.

  • Line aplastic moving box with white, acid-free paper, sides and bottom;

  • Fold each panel carefully, and use another sheet of white, acid-free paper between each layer;

  • Pack the box very loosely, and don’t cram them into the bottom.

For both methods:

  • The safest way to move them is with your clothing, draped over the back seat of a car;

  • Any paper you use must be white and acid-free to avoid any staining or browning of the fabric;

  • Plastic can cause mould and mildew if the drapes are kept in storage for any length of time – if there is a delay of more than a day between packing and moving in, leave them in the paper and lay them loosely in a plastic moving box.

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