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Moving Tips - Declutter Before Your Move

One of the first bits of advice you are likely to get about moving – even before you start to think about packing – is to declutter. Simply put, if you get rid of all that stuff you don’t really use, there will be that much less to pack in the first place. Why bring unnecessary baggage to your new home if it’s just going to take up space or gather dust? Even more than moving advice, decluttering is becoming a watchword and way of life. So, let’s get started. 

Here are some ideas on how to streamline your possessions down to what you really need and use. 

  • ·        What’s on top of your fridge? Bags you’ve been collecting for stuff that you obviouy don’t need it for? Small appliances you don’t use?
  • ·        Check the linen closet. Do you have sheets that fit beds you no longer own? Are there "spare” sheet sets that you don’t even like and/or never use?
  • ·        Have a good look at your bathroom cabinet. How many bottles and jars of half-used products that you bought, didn’t work out, but had too much left for you to throw out in good conscience are there? Now is the time to purge.
  • ·        Look into your closet and be honest. How many pairs of shoes do you have that are cute, but pinch, so you never wear them? How many pieces of clothing that you bought on sale at a size you hope to fit into one day? How long as it been now? Ditch whatever you haven’t worn for two years.
  • ·        When it comes to housewares like china and glassware, how many duplicates do you have? Sure, you may want one everyday set and one for special occasions, but just how many casseroles/vases/wine glasses do you really need?
  • ·        In your closets and/or basement, how many activity related items are gathering dust? Sure, you thought you’d like camping, but after buying the gear, it only took one outing to convince you it wasn’t for you. So, why do you still have all that gear?


 It often makes sense to begin with one specific area, such as your kitchen counter, or the living room shelf. In general, look for duplicate items, old and worn out stuff you’re hanging onto just because, and anything you don’t use.

 What to do with all your stuff? There are a few options. 

  • ·        Whatever is good and useable can be donated to the Sally Ann or another worthy charity.
  • ·        Items with some value, such as old electronics or collectibles, can be sold online through eBay, Kijiji or similar website.
  • ·        If it’s damaged and broken, then ditch it!
  • ·        Remember to dispose of old electronics properly, especially old cell phones or other items with a potential for hazardous leaks.


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