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Moving Tips: Packing Your Clothes

All of us have packed clothing for one reason or another – often a pleasant reason like going on a trip or vacation. So, when it comes to moving the whole contents of your home, you may not be putting up any mental red flags when it comes to your clothing, assuming the whole thing will be a breeze you can look after at the last minute once all the big stuff has been taken care of.

Don't make that mistake! Packing to move your entire wardrobe is quite different than just packing for a trip or even packing your stuff from your parents' place to university or college to your own apartment. Even if clothes per se aren't fragile or awkwardly shaped, shoes, boots and many accessories certainly are. And – there's the sheer volume of all those items lurking in your dressers and closets.

A systematic approach is best, taking one huge job and turning it into a few smaller and more manageable tasks. 

Months/Weeks Before the Move:  
Now is a good time to get rid of items you don't need. A good rule of thumb: purge whatever you haven't worn or used in two years or more. And remember - clothing donation centres use wearable items. If it's stained or can't be seen in public, then throw it out or use it as rags. If it's in mint condition, maybe you can make a few bucks selling it online.

Before You Begin
Pack a small overnight bag with two changes of clothes, including all the requisite undergarments. That way you'll have something fresh to change into once you get to your new home without having to search through boxes and suitcases for something suitable. If you're super organized and getting a lot of packing done in advance, then be sure to set aside both the two sets of clothes and the overnight bag so you can still have it handy on the day of the move.

Pack in Stages

Pre-pack as much as you can, including specialty items like formal wear that you likely won't need in the immediate future. Folding and sorting is time consuming and often tedious work and you don't want to leave it all to the last minute. Maybe you have a huge casual wardrobe and you could pack half of it up in the weeks prior to the move and still have more than enough to keep up with your usual fashionable image.

Pack in-season items separately from out-of-season clothing. That way you can unpack in-season clothes first and take your time sorting through the rest.

Use any suitcases you have - they are after all designed to safely transport clothing items. If you don't have enough for all your clothes (and probably most of us won't) then save your suitcases for the most delicate items and use moving boxes for hardier pieces like sweaters and jeans.

Pack shoes separately, using socks or balls of crumpled paper to fill the insides and help them keep their proper shape.

For very short moves within the same city, consider whether it might be easier to cover the back seat of your car (especially if you have a hatchback) with an old - but very clean - blanket and simply laying your clothes over it, hangers and all, essentially moving them by hand. It can avoid any issues with crushing, crumpling or staining that can occur in packaging. 

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