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Moving Tips: Tackling the Garage/Basement

Having a garage or basement is wonderful – a wonderful trap. It’s so easy, over the years, to keep the rest of your home stuffing everything into the basement. Or garage. There, it hides away until it’s time to move. Then, it becomes a monster waiting to complicate your life and your move. Don’t despair, we’ve got some tips to help you whittle the monster into a doable task.

1. Don't leave it too late – you know there is a monster of a mess waiting in the basement. Leaving it until the last minute will cause more headaches than it will fend off.

2. Sort and organize. This is the time to be ruthless. Sure, those model parts or that old set of golf clubs or craft supplies for that project you never got started are still worth something, but will you ever actually use them?

3. Start by sorting the items into three piles:

  • Are they in good shape and still usable? Then they can be either sold at a garage sale, or donated to charities.

  • Are they broken down/unusable? This pile is for garbage.

  • Are they hazardous or unsafe items? Cans of paint, paint thinner, and other items containing potentially harmful chemicals need special treatment. Consult your local municipality about how to properly dispose of them.

4. Packing Tools and Garden Equipment

These items are often large and almost always awkwardly shaped.

  • Tools with long handles, like brooms, rakes, and even mops, can be bundled together. Tie them together and then wrap around a few times with plastic wrap.

  • You can apply the same logic to hand tools – hammers, screw drivers, and others can be tied together and wrapped in plastic. Then they can be packed in a moving box with crumpled paper filler.

  • Old towels can be used to protect sharp edges like a shovel or garden shears.

  • Drain the gas and/or oil out of any power tools before packing.

5. Packing Your Barbecue

This is an awkward item, but it can be managed too.

  • Remove any used charcoal or disconnect the gas tank, as applicable.

  • The gas tank should be moved only in your car – don't put it in the truck where it may move around. TIP: Place it on the floor in the back seat, and then move the front seat back, gently, until it is secured and won't move. Now, drive carefully!

  • An old coffee can makes a great container for any hardware or peripheral items. Place it on the grill, shut the barbecue, and then secure the lid for transportation.

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