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Moving Tips: Your Jewelry Collection

Unless you're one of those Real Housewives, your jewelry collection isn't likely to be something that takes up a lot of room. You may not really consider it a big deal and leave it till the last minute without a real plan. That's a mistake! With small – sometimes tiny – pieces and parts, chains that can knot and wrap around each other, more delicate items that can end up misshapen or broken and unusual shapes to boot, safely packing and moving your jewelry can be a real headache.

Here are some tips on how to make the job easier.

Low Volume Options 
When you only have a few pieces, your options are fairly simple.
Option #1: If you don’t mind the trouble and possible expense, you can buy those small, sealable bags at most craft stores and simply pack each and every jewelry piece in its own bag. 
Option #2: Purchase a travel jewelry organizer.

Handy Supplies
Once you get beyond a handful of pieces, you can easily spend hours on bagging and end up buying several jewelry organizers you'll never use again. Some common household and moving supplies can come to the rescue.

Plastic wrap – using a sheet of stretchy, clingy plastic wrap lets you package more than one item together. This will work for delicate chains and earrings.
Unroll a length of plastic wrap – but do not cut it.
Lay out a layer of necklaces, bracelets or other items, keeping each about 1 to 1 1/2 inches apart.
Carefully unroll another length of wrap and fold it back on top of the first. Now lay out another layer of pieces.
The number of layers will depend on the size and weight of the items in question.
Ideally you want to transport this flat – probably in a suitcase with a soft towel underneath and on top.

Other Household Items

Drinking straws –they come in various sizes, as do your necklaces and bracelets. Simply run them through the straw and do up the clasp at the ends to keep them untangled.
Toilet paper & paper towel rolls – these come in handy for thicker chains and chunky necklaces and bracelets.
Wrapping paper – use white or unbleached wrapping paper – newsprint or coloured papers can leave stains on some surfaces.
Plastic wrap – this versatile material can also be used to wrap several other packages together – such as making a bundle of drinking straws.
Sealable sandwich bags – these can be used for larger items or several smaller packets like earrings bundled in plastic wrap.
Bubble wrap – this adds bulk but provides a nice cushion for your treasured items.
Rubber bands – these can be used (at an appropriate size) to loosely hold several packaged items together.
Cardboard – cut small rectangles, poke holes in them and attach your dangle earrings for transport.
Pill organizers – these make a great way to keep small stud earrings organized too.
Egg cartons – pad each compartment with plastic wrap or crushed paper and use it to house your rings. Tape the carton shut for security in transit.

Once you've got all the pieces bundled up and protected, you can use your jewelry box to lay them in carefully for transport.

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