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Moving Your Artwork

Paintings and artwork come with their own special set of issues when it comes to moving. Frames can be damaged. If the piece is framed with glass, then the glass can easily break and in turn damage the art. If it does not include a protective glass cover, then the painting, photograph or other artwork itself may be damaged. Here are some ideas on how to pack them so you’ll enjoy them for years to come.

  • First, line the bottom of the boxwith crumpled newspaper.

  • If the piece is framed with glass, take masking tape and create an "X” across the glass surface diagonally from corner to corner. This will help to keep the glass in place even if it does crack in transit and avoid damage to the canvas or print.

  • Then place a sheet of heavy cardboard, padding or foam over the glass.

  • If the piece is unframed, then wrap it with brown moving paper first before adding the cardboard or other padding.

  • If the frame is especially delicate (or expensive!) then fold cardboard over the corners for extra protection.

  • Wrap the artwork entirely with bubble wrap, making sure to create a snug fit and secure package, using masking tape to seal it.

  • Place them in your box one by one and fill up any extra space with packing material such as crumpled newsprint or even use towels or blankets.

  • Fill the box until nothing shifts inside when you move the box around. You want the artwork to remain immobile during the move.

  • For very large paintings and prints that won’t fit into a conventional box, add an additional layer of a moving blanket or one of your own blankets. Place the artwork package on its side in the truck between two objects that won’t move to keep it stable in transit.

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