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Moving Your Business: Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets, shelving, and display cases are used by many business from retail boutiques to reception areas. They present a clean and impressive look for displays – and can seem like a nightmare to move. But, with the right approach and moving supplies, it can be done efficiently and safely.

The trick to moving any glass pieces is to stabilize the glass by cushioning it from all sides. That’s the principle behind the procedure.


There are a few basic items you should have on hand.

  • Moving blankets;

  • Packing tape;

  • Cardboard – boxes cut up will work;

  • Old blankets or comforters for cushioning.

Packing Step-by-Step

1. Remove all shelves and the shelving clips that hold them in place.

2. Once the cabinet is completely empty, fill up the space inside it with blankets or comforters. It should be snug without putting pressure on the glass.

3. Wrap the outside of the cabinet completely with moving blankets.

4. Secure the moving blanket with two or three layers of packing tape.

5. For extra cushioning, add a layer of cardboard outside of the blankets, securing it with packing tape.

Moving Notes

Once you have packed it as securely as you can, the next question is: How to move it? It depends a great deal on a number of factors like size, weight, and where you are moving to. Are there stairs to be negotiated? Long hallways to take it down? You may require special equipment such as:

  • Screen Dolly– with 44” high padded sidebars or arms that protect the glass, and swivel casters, it can be used to move cabinets up to 20” wide, with a load rating up to 1,600 lbs.

  • Stairclimbersand other devices can make moving up a flight of stairs doable.

With the right precautions, your impressive glass cabinet or showcase will make it to your new location safe and intact – and so will you.

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