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Moving Your Business Up: The Right Equipment

Movingyour small to medium office or shop can be intimidating. There are inevitable expenses involved, a lot of details and paperwork, and often there is equipment and other items that seem intimidating when it comes to moving. So, how to save money?

A DIY move can save your cash, there’s no question. But, what about those awkward and heavy pieces of equipment – especially where any stairs are involved?

The Right Equipment

There are many types of equipment and items you may use in your business that are small enough to fit up a flight of stairs, but are also quite heavy. That might include,

  • Small machinery;

  • Furniture or filing cases;

  • Large duty office printers, copier, and other office equipment;

  • Computer equipment and peripherals;

  • DJ and sound equipment;

  • Appliances;

  • Big screen TVs and other AV or electrical equipment;

  • And much more.

When a flight of stairs is involved – even a small one - it can seem an impossible task. But, the right equipment will take it up the stairs for you. An electric or battery powered stair climber truck makes it a one man job – although we’d have to add that it’s always safer to have a second hand on the job.

Battery Powered Stairclimber Truck

These are typically used for smaller, less heavy items.

  • Load ratings of up to 375 lbs.

  • Climbs 29 steps per minute.

Electric Stairclimber Truck

These can be used for much heavier loads.

  • Load ratings of 700 lbs. To 1200 lbs.

  • Typically climbs between 7 and 15 steps per minute.

How Do They Work?

Typically, an electric or battery powered stair climber truck will use a kind of triple wheel system. Two sets of wheels move the truck in the usual way. An additional small set of wheels is positioned to push the cart up the step first, then to roll up behind it. Once the load is secured – and a Hot Tip: use moving blankets to wrap and cushion delicate items – the only thing the operator needs to do is keep the load balanced and moving in the right direction.

An electric or battery powered stairclimber truck can also be used for:

  • Moving items over uneven terrain;

  • Loading and unloading from pick-up trucks and vans;

  • Climbing over curbs and thresholds;

  • Moving items onto a porch;

  • One man deliveries and installations.

We Make It Easy

You pick up. You move. It’s that simple. The Movers Choice makes moving easy. Whether you’re moving across the hall or across town – ourplastic moving box rentals are reliable and eco-friendly and help you get the job done with ease. We also offer a range of moving suppliesand services for both business and residential customers.

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