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Moving Your Flatscreen TV

Modern TVs give you a cinematic experience with cutting edge technology. But, the very qualities that make them perfect for your living room can also make them a challenge when it comes time to move.

Flatscreen TVs are lightweight and thin, yet packed inside with delicate circuitry, with a large glass front. What could go wrong? Before you start that long list, here are some steps you can take to make sure that everything goes right.

  • Before you start – take a picture of the back of your TV and/or home theatre system. That way, you can easily make the right connections when you unpack in your new digs. It’s a good idea to print it or make a copy of it on your PC as well as on your phone so you’ve always got a back up.

  • Use coloured tape to code your inputs and cables.

  • Cables are safer stored separately rather than in your TV box, where they can shift around and may get damaged.

  • Cardboard paper towel centres are a good way to separate cables and protect them in transit. Roll the cables around the cardboard tube and then place into a strong, clear plastic bag for the move.

  • If your TV is wall mounted, remove it carefully from the mount. This is a two-person job!

  • Wipe off the TV and screen with a soft cloth. Dust and dirt can scratch the screen while it is in the box.

  • Use a sturdy box that is not much bigger than the TV itself, to avoid excessive movement in transit.

  • A soft moving blanket is a good cover for the TV. Secure it around the TV set with packing tape and then place it in the box. Pack other soft fill around it to prevent it from shifting around during the move.

  • Keep the TV upright as you move it. An open bin or screen dolly can help you to transport your flatscreen TV across flat surfaces safely, without lifting.

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