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Moving Your Music

We store our music using many different methods nowadays. There are personal MP3 player and digital files on computer or cloud. But most of us still have at least some CDs or DVDs and more and more people are rediscovering the joys of pressed vinyl. Some of us even have a few VHS tapes and audio cassettes hanging around. Here are some tips on how to move them intact.

  • Start by layering the bottom of your box with crumpled paper. Blank newsprint should work fine and it’s quite inexpensive.

  • For DVDs, CDs (including software disks,) and relics like VHS tapes and cassettes, pack them in their cases. If you’ve lost or damaged them, replacement CD and DVD jewel cases are cheap to stock up on and will help them last longer even once you get to your new place.

  • Stand the cases on their closed edges in the box – never lay them flat as they will break much more easily.

  • Use hardcover books at either end against the sides of the box and at intervals in between to stabilize them.

  • VHS tapes or cassettes may be lain flat or on their sides.

  • Fill any gaps with crumpled paper.

  • Be sure to label the box as "fragile”.

Your record collection

If you are an audiophile with a lot of vinyl records, you’ll want to take extra care. Just as you would with CDs or DVDs, records should be packed on their sides and never flat. You’ll want to line the bottom with paper in the same way.

  • The records should fit together snugly, but avoid packing them too tight as this may lead to warping.

  • Use hardcover books to line the sides of the box as a buffer.

  • Monitor the temperature and be sure that your records aren’t getting too hot. This can also lead to warping.

The Movers Choice

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