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Moving Your Video Game Consoles & Desktop Computers

Computers and video gaming equipment are part of most households these days. They are built to last and are fairly sturdy, but they involve many different parts, pieces, and special considerations. Here’s a handy guide to getting those video games and desktop computers you love so much packed up safely for your move.

General Considerations:

  • Temperature – avoid extremes in temperature and try to keep any electronic items at a stable room temperature as much as humanly possible.

  • Moisture – moisture is to be avoided at all costs. Be sure to wrap items in layers of plastic wrap and use extra caution if you are moving while it rains or snows.

  • Insurance – are your valuable items protected by your insurance during the move? Find out for sure!

  • Rock & roll – most electronics work with lasers or other elements that require minute alignments – all of which can be easily knocked out of sync by mishandling.

Packing Tips

  • Back up – Yes, back up everything before you pack.

  • Packaging – Keep the original box? Then you’re all set. The original packing materials fit the best.

  • DIY packaging – If you don’t have the original packaging, try to recreate it. That means, not just the outer box, but that moulded styrofoam that fit closely around the pieces. How can you do that? Towels and blankets are a good substitute, and you can add styrofoam peanuts to fill in all the little spaces. Just make sure, whatever you use, that the packing material is fairly firm and the item’s movement is minimized.

  • Unplug everything – but take a quick picture or two of all the cords and where they plug in before you do as a reference. Keep the cords separated and untangled by using cardboard paper towel centres. You can also wrap them in plastic wrap as an alternative.

  • Controllers – If they have wires, wrap the wires around the controller. Remove any batteries (you can transport them in a plastic sandwich bag. Pack it with loose material that won’t apply pressure to the buttons or joy sticks, and try to make sure all controls stay in a neutral position. Don’t pack anything else on top of them. Try to pack them closely on each side to avoid movement, while leaving the top (face) more loosely packed to avoid damage.

  • Discs – DVDs, Blu-ray discs, gaming discs – they all need special care. Avoid handling them as much as you can. Be sure to keep them in cases (extra cases are cheap at your closest dollar store) and use plenty of padding in the boxes you’ll pack them in.

  • Accessories – Pack them using the same principles as for the controllers – unplug, de-battery, firm on the sides and protective of any moving parts and/or the control areas such as buttons. Towels make good extra packing in the box.

We Make It Easy

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