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Packing Dishes in Your Plastic Moving Bin

Reusable plastic moving boxes from Mover's Choice are a practical and cost effective solution to at least one of your moving issues. They are large, sturdy and hold a lot of your belongings. When it comes to your dishes and other breakable items, you may be put off by their large size. You're still thinking of cardboard boxes, where it is essential not to pack the boxes too full. That's not the case with plastic moving boxes, which can hold up to 80 lbs (roughly 36 kg) and that means it can hold a lot of anything you have in the house. 

The rigid construction in durable, high quality plastic means they actually make the ideal container for moving fragile items like your dishes and other kitchenware. Here are some tips for getting the job done efficiently.

First, crumple some pieces of moving paper or plain, unbleached newsprint - not newspaper which not only contains ink but may also contain acids and other undesirable materials - and toss them at the bottom of the box as the first layer. They don`t have to be packed very tight, but should cover the bottom and edge slightly up the sides.

Pack the dishes two at a time, using a piece of packing paper to go underneath the first, then fold over and become the under pad for the second.

Pack them upright on their edges - it`s stronger and helps prevent breaks.

Wrap wineglasses in the paper diagonally to ensure coverage - use two papers if they seem too thin. Then crumple another piece of paper and stuff it in the middle. 

Pack the glasses vertically as well.

You won`t need to fill every space with crumpled paper provided the box is mostly full and there won`t be too much movement in transit.

Pack similar items together and label the boxes with removable labels - once everything is wrapped in packing paper, it will be difficult to tell things apart.

Use zip ties to temporarily attach the lid to the box for duration of the move.

Because the boxes are rigid, you don't necessarily have to worry about placing specific items on the bottom vs. the top of a stack - but dishes, glassware and other breakables are always best near the lower end of a stack. Even if the potential is small, you don't want broken crockery raining down from above.

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