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Packing Tips: Christmas Ornaments, Bric a Brac and Memorabilia

Christmas ornaments are meant to be treasured and often passed down from generation to generation. But – that can't happen if you end up losing half your ornaments to damage and breakage whenever you move. Small, finicky, treasured items like ornaments, figurines and memorabilia need some common sense and TLC to make it to your destination in one piece.

Individual pieces:

It goes without saying but be extremely careful in handling your treasured ornaments and collectibles – clean hands and minimal handling are recommended;
Secure any loose parts or removable pieces – stretchy plastic wrap is a good choice to make a small package of each piece;
Rubber bands can also help to secure moving parts (including drawers and handles);
Paper padding and stretch wrap can both insulate and encapsulate breakable ornaments;
The best packaging for awkward items is the stuff it came in – a good note for future reference;
Use fine tissue paper to cushion delicate items with awkward shapes and then wrap them in stretch wrap to secure;
Keep any accompanying documentation (such as Certificates of Authenticity for collectible items) together in a clearly marked envelope.

Packing boxes:

Plastic moving boxes are sturdy and much more reliable than cardboard and also typically larger;
Wrap the individual items together two or three at a time in bubble wrap to make a larger package;
Use Styrofoam peanuts to fill in the spaces;
Clearly label the boxes as "fragile" to make sure you take extra care in carrying and transporting.

Unpacking:  When it comes to collectibles and memorabilia, the best idea is to take pictures of your display before you take it down. Then you can simply recreate it in your new location.

One last tip: Check with your insurance agent to see whether your collectibles, memorabilia or other small similar items are covered during the move.

Above all, take your time in both packing and unpacking to ensure the best results.

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