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Packing Tips For A Last Minute Move

Typically, all things considered, it takes at least two months to prepare for a successful move without driving yourself crazy. That gives you enough time for planning and packing at your leisure. But, sometimes life just doesn’t leave us with that much extra time. Maybe you got an excellent job offer all the way across town and you start in three weeks. Or, maybe you’ve been wanting to move for a while and that perfect house/condo/apartment just became available, but you only have a couple of weeks to act. What do you do? Here are some tips on how to make it a little easier to get through.

Be Ruthless – Start the packing process by weeding out anything and everything that you can – it’s a great opportunity to make a clean start with only what you need and use. That means, get rid of anything that you can. What haven’t you used/worn/displayed in over a year? What pieces of furniture won’t fit in your new place? Depending on the nature of what you’re getting rid of, the trash or a charity like the Sally Ann that you can donate to are your best options. If your move is super quick, that can also involve donating non-perishable food to a local food bank.

Enlist Help – Ask friends, neighbours, co-workers – many hands make the work lighter, as the saying goes, and if you get a few people over, you can get most of your sorting and packing done over a single weekend.

Supplies –Our plastic moving box rentals and other moving equipment such as stairclimbers and dollies are your easiest solution to finding the right supplies quickly. Add packing filler like packing paper or popcorn, tape, labels, and everything else you’ll need. Since time is short, you’ll want to get all your supplies together in short order so you can get cracking.

Packing – Get all your non-essentials out of the way first, including out of season clothing and other items, books, decorations, and the like. Set aside enough clothes for the period until your moving day, and pack up all the rest. Start with a room you don’t use as much and box it all up. Then use that room to stack all your boxes and packed items as you progress. Be sure to leave a few everyday essentials for your moving day kit that you can keep in a small suitcase or duffle bag, including medicines, toiletries for a day, and so on.

We Make It Easy

You pick up. You move. It’s that simple. The Movers Choice makes moving easy. Whether you’re moving across the hall or across town – our plastic moving box rentals are reliable and eco-friendly and help you get the job done with ease. We also offer a range of moving supplies and services for both business and residential customers.

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