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Packing Tips: Garage & Storage

These tips should help you sort it out and help you get the job done – one step at a time.

Search & Dispose Of
The first step should be to sift through the rubble and find anything that needs to be thrown out such as opened containers of gasoline, pesticides, oil and other poisonous or flammable liquids. Anything you need, you can buy for your new home – transporting those items is too dangerous.

Sort by Size
It will be easier if you begin by sorting through everything and group items together of similar size. That will make the actual packing easier.

Tools with long handles like brooms, mops, shovels and hoes can be tied together. Use sturdy twine.
Remove attachments from power tools and pack them separately. Use small plastic bags to store any small parts, connections, screws and the like and then attach the bag to the main unit.
Likewise, drain any power tools of gas or oil before you pack.
Put heavy tools in smaller boxes so that they are packed on their own and your boxes don't get too heavy.
A good supply of old towels and cloths will come in handy to wrap tools with sharp edges. You can tape them up securely to avoid accidents in transit.
Use small plastic bags or empty coffee cans (depending on how much) for small hardware items like screws and hooks. 

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