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Plastic Moving Boxes vs. Cardboard

Nowadays, we all want to live "greener” or more sustainably. When it comes time to move in the GTA, plastic moving box rentals have clear advantages on the environmental front.

  • They're reusable;

  • Nothing to throw away.

Oh, The Waste

Sure, you can say that cardboard is recycled, but the fact is that 80 percent or more of all products include cardboard packaging -- and only about 25 percent of the cardboard produced is recycled. About 40 percent of landfills in the U.S. is composed of cardboard and other paper products. In both Canada and the United States, it forms the single largest waste material by weight, with an estimated 24 million tons of cardboard ending up the garbage every year. As they rot, they produce methane, known as a greenhouse gas.

  • In other words, by not using cardboard, you're contributing to reducing the production of all that waste.

Green Or Not?

You may also be under the impression that cardboard as a material is more environmentally friendly than plastic. That's not necessarily the case. When it comes to considering environmental impact, there are usually a number of different factors to consider.

Trees are crushed into tiny fibres, then mixed with other materials and pressed through a system of enormous rollers – the whole process uses a lot of power.

  • Producing cardboard and other paper products is estimated by many experts to be the third largest user of energy by industry on the planet.

When you look at the amount of energy and resources used to produce plastic vs. cardboard over the life of the material, cardboard definitely creates more greenhouse gas.

One thing is certain: by choosingreusable plastic moving boxes, you won't be contributing to any kind of waste.

We Make It Easy

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