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Protecting Wood Furniture

Wood furniture can be heavy and sturdily built, but it is still vulnerable to damage during a move. Wood can be scratched, chipped, or even splintered if it's handled roughly. Add moisture and bad weather to the mix, and the risks increase exponentially. But, with some planning and forethought, you can protect your wood furniture so that it gets to your new place undamaged and intact.

Moisture Hurts

Even small amounts of water can cause wood to warp and rot, and during a move, there are many times that wood furniture is vulnerable.

  • Rain or snow on moving day;

  • In the truck – especially if you didn't defrost your fridge and it starts to leak;

  • Left outside or unattended – where it could be subject to spills, humidity or other moisture hazard.

Before You Begin

  • If the furniture can be taken apart, then do so. You'll be saving the legs and other parts if you can protect them and move them separately.

  • Tie the drawers shut with soft twine. Drawers that come loose during the move can cause the most damage.

  • Give your wood furniture a good polish before you pack it up so that it's in the best condition possible to start with. Dust can actually scratch the surface during a move.

Wrap and Protect

The right moving materials can help to protect wood furniture from physical hazards as well as moisture. Here are some ideas.

  • Furniture pads, blankets, and even heavy comforters can serve as protective padding.

  • Packing paper and cardboard can serve as extra protection for corners and sharp edges as well as the legs, which are most at risk of damage during a move.

  • Once the furniture is nicely padded, add a layer of plastic wrap on top to secure the padding material.

  • Do NOT use plastic wrap directly against the wood, as it can actually serve to trap any moisture right next to it.

Loading the Truck

The best idea is to leave your wood furniture towards the end of your move. That way, there is less of a chance of it getting knocked around and damaged by other pieces. That means making sure there's enough space left!

  • Creating a wall of boxes and then place your furniture against that wall.

  • Try not to stack anything else on your wood furniture, even with padding.

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