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Protecting Your Clothes During The Move

No matter what time of year you move, you may be subjecting your valuable possessions to moisture, dirt, and other hazards. When it comes to some items, such as book collections, or electronics, it seems more natural to take extra care and think of ways to protect them in transit. When it comes to clothes, however, many of us just dump them in a garbage bag, throw them in the back seat of the car and assume they'll arrive in the same condition they started out.

But will they? What if it's damp – you didn't really seal those bags, did you? And is your car all that clean? Here are some handy tips on how to pack your clothes for protection during the move.

Before you start:

  1. Keep two outfits out for moving day – one to wear, and one spare just in case.

  2. Sort – It's worth your while to take all your clothes out of closets, drawers and wherever else you may store them and sort them by weight and fabric at the very least. Sorting by size and/or type of garment is also typically useful.

  3. Discard any items that smell musty – you don't want to bring your old mold problems to your new home.


What are you going to use to pack your clothes? Reusable plastic moving boxes are an option, as are any suitcases, duffel bags, and other luggage items. Match the container and the items.

  • Small, light items like lingerie, silk or chiffon blouses, or similar items that can easily be damaged or wrinkled, should go in a smaller, hard sided container like a hard shell suitcase.

  • Lightweight items can also stay inside dresser drawers, with the drawers tied shut or otherwise secured during the move. Be sure to take out any heavier or bulkier items and pack them separately.

  • Cottons, linens and silks – all of which wrinkle easily – should be packed loosely and not crammed together.

  • Using sheets of tissue between delicate and lightweight items is another way to avoid damage.

  • Larger, bulkier items that don't really wrinkle like sweaters and coats can go into larger boxes.

  • Roll skirts and pants to avoid wrinkling and pack them in a suitcase.

  • Fold coats, jackets and blouses inside out.

  • T-shirts, jeans, and other casual items can go in boxes or duffel bags.

  • Stuff your socks into your shoes to help them keep their shape. Pack shoes separately in a box.

  • If dresser drawers are loose and can't be properly secured, you can take them out and use them as a sturdy box. Once you've packed it with smaller items, you can wrap it in plastic wrap to secure it.

  • For large suitcases, pack pants on the bottom and lighter items like blouses, shirts, or dresses on top.

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