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Quick Packing Tips for Moving Season

With the end of the academic year in sight, many students, singles and families in the GTA are contemplating a move. The spring months leading to early summer see a huge spike in residential moves, reaching a peak on June 30 which is traditionally the busiest moving day of the year.

That can affect many issues involved in your own upcoming move, including:

You'll want to allow additional time for utility hook ups to avoid being the last on a very long list;
If you're moving to an apartment building with an elevator, you'll want to make arrangements for using the elevator with your superintendent;
You'll want to book plastic moving box rentals and any other supplies or appliances you may need early.

Here are some quick packing tips to streamline the process.

Reusable plastic boxes are large and sturdy, but you don't necessarily want to pack them full of heavy items. It's a better idea to mix heavy and lighter so that overall weight isn't overwhelming. Pack the heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
Pack the heavier boxes towards the front of the truck (near the cab). It allows for better balance of the truck when it's full.
Avoid leaving gaps in the boxes – it unbalances the box and gives items room to jostle and break. When you're packing awkwardly shaped items, you can use clothes, towels, or crumpled paper to fill any gaps in the box.
Pack items from the same room in the same box(es) and try to avoid mixing them. Then be sure to label your boxes and it will go a long way towards making sorting things out in your new place and unpacking easier.

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