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Right-sizing, Purging and Moving

Older adults may be moving from a spacious home into an apartment; families may be looking to downsize their expenses along with their square footage; college and university students may be moving from the family home into a cramped dorm room. All of these situations benefit from paring down your possessions to accommodate a new situation. 

But, purging your home and living space of unused and unneeded items is always a good idea and moving can be the push that gets you to do something you should have already.  Here are some tips for downsizing your possessions.

What has been packed away in a box for more than a full year?
This is an easy one. Go through your drawers, closets, basement and attic. They are likely to be chock full of stuff you've forgotten you own.

What do you have more than one version of?
This goes for anything – clothing, furniture, household appliances and items. Many of us keep a second set of everyday dishes, that extra coffee table that's been sitting in the hallway for years… The basement is a prime location for all those things we store "just in case".

What do you seldom use?
A couch that is never used is just as much unneeded clutter as a bunch of outfits you haven't worn in 15 years or winter coats that will likely never come back into style. Books and a library are fabulous to have but why keep the ones you'll never read through again? 

Divest yourself of the idea that you need to keep certain things just because… keep the books you will read again and the music you will listen to again and donate the rest. 
Don't keep an exercise machine just because you know you should exercise more when you'll never use it. Find another way to exercise that you will keep up with!

Think about lifestyle
Will your lifestyle be changing? What will your new everyday look like? What will you need? And what will you no longer need? This can be a difficult one for older adults who are moving from their own home into an assisted living situation. Some of the changes may not always be so welcome. 

This is where asking for help from a close family member or counsellor can help relieve the stress.

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