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Scheduling Your Move – Address Change Checklist

Never mind thesorting and packing – even without considering all that, there are things that need to be moved that you can’t do yourself. When it comes to cable, electricity, and other services, what you need is a handy checklist to make sure you’ve got all the bases covered. Starting four to six weeks from your move date should allow you sufficient time to get your records updated.

1. Let Canada Post know you are moving by scheduling your mail to be forwarded from your move date. That will ensure that you’ll be covered for anything you miss, or any address changes that were processed late for whatever reason. You can go into a Post Office, or do it online at

2. CRA – It may be tempting, but don’t forget the tax man. That way you’ll be informed of anything relevant that may come up. Remember to include any agencies that you have dealing with, including pensions or other programs.

3. Credit cards and banks, including any RRSPs, mutual funds, or investment accounts, and even your Airmiles card.

4. Utilities – that includes cable, phone, hydro, water, internet service provider, and heat. You’ll want to schedule the shut off for the end of your moving day, so you’ll still have access to electricity and water during the move.

5. Insurance – car and home. If you are moving possessions in your car, this is the time to ask your home insurance provider about coverage while you’re in transit.

6. Your doctor and dentist. If you are moving far away enough that you will be looking for new medical providers, then you’ll want to make arrangements for transfer of your files. Don’t forget your Health Card!

7. Don’t forget your pets – let the vet know about your move.

8. Magazines and any other material you still get via the good old postal service.

9. Any clubs, unions, or other organizations that you may belong to.

10. Driver’s license, vehicle and plate registration.

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