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The Best Season For Moving

Moving in the GTA is certainly easier during the spring and summer months when you don’t have to worry about bad weather or slippery roads and sidewalks. Sometimes, you don’t have a choice, but if it’s a matter of preference, when is the best time to be looking for an apartment or new home? There are pros and cons to any choice

Spring/Summer – Busy Season

Spring going into early summer is the most popular season for moving in the GTA and just about anywhere. There are several points to consider when making your move.


  • It’s the end of the academic year;

  • The weather is more favourable;

  • Because of the high turnover, there should be a lot of properties to choose from.


  • Since lots of people are moving, you will have to act fast to get the rental unit you want.

  • There will be a lot of competition for moving box rentals and moving supplies, so you’ll want to place your orders and get your supplies in order as early as you can.

Practical Apartment Hunting Tips

  • When you are apartment hunting, the best time of day is apparently between 9am and 10am. It turns out that is the time when superintendents and property managers are most likely to post new listings, giving you first shot.

  • When you are checking out a new place, remember to check your cell phone service in every room – you don’t want to have to make calls from outside all the time!

  • Measure any large furniture items you may have and make sure that they will fit into your new place when you go to check out any potential rentals.

  • Bring any necessary paperwork with you – such as proof of employment, et cetera – even if you’re just going to check out a rental property, because it will save a lot of time if you decide this is the one for you

We Make It Easy

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