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The Trouble with Movers

Recent headlines and a TV sting with hidden cameras in Mississauga have highlighted the plight of those of us who trust others to move our valuables – sometimes that trust is sadly misplaced.

A Mississauga woman paid a moving company a whopping $1800 for a move from the GTA to Kingston in Eastern Ontario.  She is trying to get her money back in court with the help of a security guard. Footage produced by the security guard shows one of the movers repeatedly bending the wheel of the woman's bicycle with his foot. The bike was left permanently damaged and unride-able as the woman claims in a lawsuit against the moving company. The security guard actually took the step of approaching the woman to tell her about the incident with the bike that he had witnessed. She also clams other damaged items.

Other recent news stories have featured:

A single mom who was billed for four times the amount quoted;
Scam movers who take the money and don't do the move;
Complaints rising against the moving company industry.

There is no licensing or regulation per se regarding the moving industry (except for general provisions in the law about safety and such,) so virtually anyone can buy a truck or moving van and go into business. That means a lot of unscrupulous operators out there, sad to say.

DIY Moving
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