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Tips for Helping Seniors Move

Moving day preparations are stressful for anyone. For seniors it is doubly so. It means disrupting their living space, and leaving the familiar, which as we all know, gets harder as we get older. Downsizing from a larger family home to a smaller apartment or assisted living space within the GTA can mean giving up not just space, but belongings too.

Here's a few tips on how to lessen the stress when you are helping an older relative or friend move.

Be Prepared – and Be Patient!

Take as much time as you can to help plan and prepare for the move.

  • Book your reusable plastic moving boxes and other essential moving supplies as soon as you are able to.

  • Remember to be patient with your elderly relatives and friends if they take longer than you'd like going through their possessions to determine what stays and what goes.

  • Suggestion – for whatever cherished items just won't fit into their new home, is there a way that it can be kept in the family? A child, niece or nephew may be more than willing to take the good china and those vintage martini glasses.

Minimize Drastic Changes

  • No matter how much their living space is changing, there are ways you can arrange furniture and other items to resemble the layout they are used to. If large pieces of furniture have to go, then keep smaller end tables, shelf units, and other pieces that can help recreate that sense of home.

  • This includes treasured knickknacks and family photos – maintaining familiarity in what they see everyday can really help minimize the sense of disruption to daily life.

It’s hard for anyone to face big changes like moving day. Helping your favourite senior citizens ease into the experience will be rewarding for both of you.

We Make It Easy

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