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Top Ten Tips for Moving in the Winter

Late spring and early summer are the busiest times for moving, and along with the academic year, the weather has a lot to do with it – not too hot, and not too cold. Still, there are advantages to moving during the cooler months, including the fact that you probably won't have to compete for the elevator or moving helpers. In any case, we don't always get to choose exactly when we'll move, so it's best to have a strategy for any season.

Here are the top ten tips for moving safely in the winter.

  1. Know exactly what you're dealing with by keeping an eye on the weather – that includes a week or two out, a day out, and on the day of the move, as often as is made necessary by any changing conditions. If you're dealing with white-out blizzard conditions, then be sure to have Plan B – delaying the move – in place.

  2. Be absolutely sure that the heat and hydro are going to be on when you arrive at your new place. You don't want to worry about freezing on your first night there!

  3. Cardboard boxes and wet weather don't mix very well. Our plastic moving box rentals give you peace of mind with sturdy, weatherproof boxes to hold your valuables.

  4. Invest in some plastic sheeting or tarps to cover the floors. That includes your old place moving out as well as the new place moving in. The last thing you want is to complete the move and then be faced with the task of mopping up the floor, or even worse, cleaning your carpets.

  5. Collect old sheets and blankets, or stock up on some plastic sheeting (which you can usually buy at the dollar store) to cover up all your belongings and protect them from rain or snow on the way to and from the truck. Use double layers for electronics and any other especially sensitive items.

  6. If you pay for and control the heat, then just it off in your old place as you begin the move. The doors will be open and shut all day anyway, and you'll be saving yourself some cash on the final bill.

  7. This is not the time to be fussing with pets or very small children. Do them all a big favour and find them some quality care and TLC for the day while you get the hard work done.

  8. Before you start actually moving things, be sure that the way is clear all the way out the door and into your truck. That includes enough room for dollies, hand trucks, or any other moving appliances you may have. If it's snowing, then you may need to take a shoveling break in between loads. Once you are at the new place, take some time to map out your route and ensure that it is clear too.

  9. If you're dealing with an active weather system and snow, then it will be to your advantage if you can find out the snow plow schedule that may affect your route.

  10. Check the availability of parking, and how that may be affected by bad weather, or snow plows.

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