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Top Ten Tips For Moving Your Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils

The kitchen is one of the more problematic rooms when it comes to moving. For one thing, you’re always using both the room and all those small gadgets and utensils, cookware, spices, and myriad other items to cook. Planning is obviously a key ingredient in making the move successful overall, but when it comes to the kitchen, the details are many and varied. Here’s some help on how to pack all those oddly shaped bits and pieces that go into your average kitchen.

  1. Keep hands and fingers safe by packing your knives in an oven mitt, or use padded potholders. Then, use a rubber band or tie to secure it in place for the ride.

  2. Keep pots and lids together by using rubber bands. Place the lid on as usual, then link one end of an elastic band around the handle of the casserole, and link the other to the handle of the lid. Repeat the process on the other side to balance the pull in both directions.

  3. Use large pots to transport spices and other small jars. First, line the pot with a towel, and then place the first layer of spice jars/containers. If you have more, continue to layer with a tea towel in between to cushion each layer of jars.

  4. Stack your dishes on their sides in the moving box, just as you would in a dish rack, to help prevent breakage. Use Styrofoam plates in between your china, glass, or ceramic plates to avoid chips and other damage.

  5. Socks are a great way to cushion wine glasses and other stemware – you can stuff the excess material inside the glass to add protection.

  6. When in doubt, Ziploc bags are a good way to pack small items. When you are packing your kitchen drawers, you can simply take all the smaller items and group them together in a Ziploc bag.

  7. Open bottles from the fridge – place a square of plastic wrap over the mouth of the bottle and then screw on the lid to prevent leaking.

  8. Moving the fridge? - Wrap the fridge in heavy duty plastic wrap to keep the doors shut.

  9. Take your food processor, blender, and other small appliances apart, placing the smaller and possibly sharp pieces such as blades inside padded potholders, then using tea towels to cushion the oddly shaped main parts inside the box.

  10. Use cookbooks to create dividers within large boxes so that you can separate delicate glassware and other breakable items.

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