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Top Tips for Moving with Pets

Your pet may be the sweetest, most agreeable creature on their own home turf and beyond. But, throw a monkey wrench into an established routine and that same lovable friend can become anxious, fearful or act out aggressively.

Moving is the ultimate in disruptions to your beloved companion's world, uprooting them from all the familiar sights, smells and sounds and bringing them into a completely new environment. Here are some quick tips on how to make the process much less traumatic for both you and your pets.

Before the Move

Take your pet to the vet's well before you move to make sure they are in tip top shape. Let your vet know about the planned move and ask for any advice they may have that is particular to your pet and their condition.
Pack your pet's things last, including food and water dishes, toys and any equipment. Keeping those familiar objects around while furniture and boxes are being moved out will help to reassure your pet.
Pick a familiar room and keep your pets inside of it – along with food and water dishes and litter box, if applicable – while the move takes place. You'll want to check on them every now and then to make sure they aren't getting agitated.
A pet-friendly family member or friend's place is another option and may be the best place for your pet to be while you complete the move.

During the Move
Stick to regular times for things like feeding and even walks during the moving process itself. Yes, this will interrupt your move slightly but a regular schedule, even in unfamiliar surroundings, can help to keep your pet calm.

Cross town moves should be fine in a car or other vehicle. Cats (and some dogs) are happiest in a traveling crate, with drinking water and litter available. Allow time for a pee break for your dog if the trip will take more than an hour or two.
Just like the kids, your pets are safest if they are in a restraining harness or in a travel crate while en route. 

After the Move

Remember never to leave your pet alone in the car – it's best to move them into a secure room in your new place first along with their things. Then, close the door and move the rest in, checking on them now and then.
Unpack your pet's things as soon as possible in your new place to help them settle in.
Once you are in your new place, there are other issues to consider that will help to ensure your pet can ease into the new environment safely and happily. If you are in a house or have access to a yard, you'll want to inspect it to make sure the fencing it adequate, with no holes or gaps.
Make sure that their identification tags and any microchip implant registration is updated for the new address.

If the move is far enough, it's best to find a new vet in the new neighbourhood before you move to make sure that your pet's needs can be tended to as efficiently a possible from your new base camp.

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