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Transportation Options for Moving

Renting a van for your DIY move in the GTA is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Most of the time, that option works pretty well. But, there may be situations where you want to look for other ways and means.

Your ultimate decision on transportation will often depend on how much stuff you have to move, and the nature of that stuff. The contents of a small bachelor apartment or condo can fit neatly into a rental truck. The accumulation of possessions in a house, and a few extra awkward items, can create a different scenario.

  • A 10' truck is usually suitable for a small studio apartment.

  • A 15' to 17' truck can typically handle a 2-bedroom apartment or small house.

  • A 20' to 26' truck is suitable for a 3 bedroom apartment or home.

But, there are other options.

Moving Pods

The concept of a moving pod is simple. The company delivers a storage pod of the size you specify to your location. You pack and fill the pod. The company then transports the pod to your new digs and the process is reversed. You unpack, they take away.

  • Our solid, stackable, reusable plastic moving box rental system works well with either system you choose, making it easy to fit an optimal amount of your goods into the space.


So, you've got a plan and the plastic moving boxes to pack up all your possessions and make your move, except for...There are some items that can serve as the fly in the ointment. A second car, perhaps, or maybe it's your pets that you are having trouble dealing with. If you have a little time, the UShip service matches your needs with people (including truckers) with extra space who are making the same kind of move. You can arrange to ship everything from,

  • Vehicles & boats;

  • Large pieces of furniture & appliances;

  • Heavy equipment;

  • Pets & livestock;

  • Jacuzzis, bales of hay - if you need it moved, they can probably match you up.

The more time you have, the better your chances will be.

We Make It Easy

You pick up. You move. It’s that simple. The Movers Choice makes moving easy. Whether you’re moving across the hall or across town – ourplastic moving box rentals are reliable and eco-friendly and help you get the job done with ease. We also offer a range of moving supplies and services for both business and residential customers.

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